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Amy Denny-Boxwell⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


My Story

Almost 11 years ago I made a decision that has not only made my life better but has BLESSED me with so many fantastic friends with whom I've made memories that will last a lifetime. Ready to hear what decision I made? Read on: I was invited to a Scentsy home party in June of 2010.  I was one of those people who really didn't need another candle but didn't want to disappoint my friend by not attending.  I went to her party with the "I'm not buying another candle" attitude.  The presentation took about 15 minutes, and in those few minutes I learned Scentsy wasn't just "another candle".  I fell in love with Scentsy that night.  The decorative warmers are amazing and the scents are divine....there were so many I wanted it was hard to choose! I signed up to be a Scentsy Consultant in November of 2010.  I work a full time job as a pre-school teacher and didn't think I could fit Scentsy into my schedule.  Imagine my surprise when not only did it fit into my schedule, but I make my own schedule!  The best part about Scentsy (besides the beautiful warmers and amazing fragrances) for me is that it's my own business so I am able to work around being a teacher and other events in my life such as birthdays, holidays, family get togethers, sporting events, and more.  I worked retail as a part time job at nights and on weekends for 11 years before joining Scentsy, and can honestly say Scentsy has changed my life.  I don't miss any of the events that are so important to me because I can't get off work.  I just don't schedule anything for the days I have something else planned.  I am my own boss, and that makes all the difference in the world.  My family is so important to me.  Being able to share special occasions with them means everything to me! I love Scentsy and love sharing it with others.  If you're interested in hosting a Home, Online, or On the Go Party please contact me.  I also am available for events and fundraisers.  Scentsy is the perfect way to earn an extra income.  Whether you want to work your Scentsy business part-time like me or are looking for full-time employment, Scentsy offers the opportunity to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.  Please contact me if you'd like to hear more about this FABULOUS opportunity and how it can change your life as well! I look forward to hearing from YOU!

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